Delphi Capital Group (DCG)
 Delphi Capital Group (DCG)
March 7, 2012

Delphi Capital Group expands into Russian Market

DCG has been retained as a financial consultant by a private client, an operator and owner of a 4-Star hotel in central Moscow.
DCG will assist the client in securing substantial debt financing for two projects: (1) the acquisition of a property in central Moscow and subsequent refurbishment into a hotel; and, (2) the development of a multi-purpose building, consisting of retail, office and entertainment facilities in the Zhukovo village on prestigious Rublovskoye shosse.
As part of the mandate, Delphi will prepare the documentation that is required from lenders, including financial models, project valuation and market analysis as well as interact with commercial banks and investors to secure the funding.
Commenting on this development, the CEO of DCG, Hartmut Jacob, pointed out: With the Ukrainian market continuing to be unstable, our expansion into the Russian market represents a good opportunity for diversification of our company. We are glad that clients in the demanding Moscow real estate market recognize our work.

January 10, 2012

Delphi Capital Group receives Appraiser Certificate from Ukrainian State Property Fund

The State Property Fund of Ukraine has accredited Delphi Capital Group as a company eligible to perform valuation services on the territory of Ukraine.

The Certificate is a prerequisite for providing valuations of state-owned assets and enterprises and in cases specified in the Law of Ukraine On appraisal of assets, property rights and professional valuation activity. In addition, commercial banks active in Ukraine frequently require the Certificate from appraiser companies. Commenting on this development, the CEO of DCG, Mr. Hartmut Jacob, noted: The Certificate will provide DCG with the foundation to considerably broader its client base in Ukraine by offering complex valuation services to large commercial banks, corporations and the state.

Certificate of Appraiser

October 20, 2011

Delphi Capital Group representatives participated in Sibos, one of the largest global conferences for the commercial banking industry. The CEO of Delphi Capital Group, Hartmut Jacob, attended the Sibos conference in Toronto Canada September 19-23. In the capacity of board member of the Ukrainian Professional Bank (UPB) , Mr. Jacob met with around a dozen of the leading global financial institutions, such as Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch to discuss business development issues, financial instruments, trade finance, investment and correspondent account relationships.

About Sibos: Every year Sibos brings together influential leaders from financial institutions, market infrastructures, multinational corporations and technology partners to do business and shape the future of the financial industry. Facilitated and organized by SWIFT for the SWIFT community, Sibos is much more than a conference and exhibition. It is a unique forum to collaborate and take collective action in payments, securities, cash management and trade. With the power to draw over 8,000 participants from across the globe, Sibos is unparalleled in its reputation to reach the entire financial services industry.

About UPB: The Ukrainian Professional Bank is a dynamically-developing mid-size Ukrainian commercial banking institution with a business history of 19 years. As of October 1, 2011, UPBs assets stood at UAH 3.03 bn (a y-o-y increase of 32%), net profit at UAH 72.64 mln (a y-o-y increase of 82%) and balance sheet capital at UAH 622 mln (a y-o-y increase of 23%). With 34 branches currently in operation, UPBs business focus is on corporate clients with account for approximately 90% of its loan portfolio. UPB publishes IFRS audited financial reports since 2002 (produced by Deloitte). In April 2011, the rating agency Expert-Rating for the second time assigned UPB an A rating, implying the highest level of reliability.