Documentation for capital raising

Delphi Capital Group (DCG)
Delphi Capital Group (DCG)

Delphi Capital Group prepares all relevant documents and instruments, which are commonly required for the attraction of financial resources from commercial banks, financial institutions and equity investors. Our services include:

Preparing of Financial Models

The financial model is the basic information needed by capital providers to evaluate investment potential, to set terms, and pricing. It also helps owners and management to make crucial strategic decisions toward resource allocation and future development. Our financial model contains a comprehensive analysis and assessment of a business. It includes sales and profitability, material and labor costs, debt structure, capitalization both present and in the future. Our model determines how the modification in strategy impacts the key financial results of a business, for example, revenues, income, cash flow etc.

Determining the Value of a Business/Asset

The valuation of a business and/or asset helps owners to make decisions as to the type and size of financial resources it can attract from capital providers, and in combination with the financial model, elaborates on which decisions need to be taken to boost value. As for capital providers, valuation provides crucial signals as to expected returns and accompanying risks. We use of a combination of methods to determine the value of an asset and/or the ability of a business to service its debt, which are commonly used in modern financial analysis globally.

Preparing Business Plan/Investment Memorandum

A Business Plan/Investment Memorandum is perhaps is most crucial marketing tool for any capital raising process, containing a detailed description and analysis of the operating and financial activities of a business, it prospects, risks and future strategy. As a rule, the document incorporates the results of the financial model and valuation. The documents that we produce are detailed, comprehensive, yet to the point and can be prepared in any of our four working languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English, German). We equip our clients with a powerful tool that increases the chances of meeting their capital raising objectives.

Performing Due diligence

Due diligence is the process of investigation, performed by potential investors, into the details of a potential investment, such as an examination of operations and management and the verification of material facts. Its main objective is the cover-up of potential risks that may hamper the future performance of the investment and/or put the transaction as such into jeopardy. On behalf of our clients, our team of experts performs a due-diligence analysis from all possible angles, including financial, legal and operational producing valuable insight and recommendations for their investment decision-making.